Finnriver Farm & Cidery: LION Case Study

“It’s been no less than miraculous,” Crystie Kisler, Finnriver co-founder (and farmwife) declares of the support Finnriver Farm & Cidery has received from the Port Townsend LION and other members of their community. She and her partners, Keith Kisler (farmhusband) and Eric Jorgensen, launched their operations on their 80-acre family farm just as LION began to take shape a few miles down the road.

Individuals in the community, with shared values around the need to “renovate and heal” food systems, introduced Crystie, Keith, and Eric to early LION members. The team pitched to a small group and then met individually with those interested to negotiate investment terms. All told, Finnriver raised “hundreds of thousands of dollars,” and received “counsel, advice, moral support, goodwill, and all those other good things,” from approximately 20 LION members and other private investors.

Today, Finnriver is the first Certified B Corporation cidery in Washington State. Crystie, along with her business and investor partners, are committed to “serve the land through cider” through organic agriculture, farm preservation, renewable energies, habitat restoration, and community outreach.

With gratitude, Crystie shares: “Our investment relationships have become a defining element of our company and our culture . . . our financial success is tied so directly to the local investor community. They’ve given to us, we want to give back and help feed the local economy so we can generate new investments for other folks.”

Check out this conversation with Crystie here, and read NPR’s coverage of Finnriver’s success here.