Mighty-O: “And More” Case Study

A lot of O’s for Mighty-O!

Mighty-O donuts was already a successful business in 2015 when the owners decided to open a second shop in Seattle. Owners Ryan Kellner and Megan Helmer had secured most of their funding, including an SBA loan, when they decided to use Community Sourced Capital (CSC) to raise capital to buy “the most important part of a donut shop” – the donut robot.

Ryan says of their decision, “We see ourselves as part of the community, conducting our business to serve the community. After finding out about CSC, we felt involving the community in the fundraising process would take our relationship a little closer.”

CSC’s financial incentives aren’t shabby either. On the crowdfunding platform, community members – known as “squareholders” – make loans to local businesses in $50 increments at 0% interest. Add to that matching capital from Seattle Made, a Seattle Good Business Network program to support urban manufacturing businesses in Seattle, and Mighty-O raised a mighty $10,100!