What’s Community Capital all about?

Healthy, sustainable, and equitable communities can flourish when supported by local economies that are strong and resilient. This means using regional resources—like capital—to meet our needs and reconnecting investors with entrepreneurs, eaters with farmers, and business owners with the communities and natural places on which they depend.

Pike's Market

Since the 2008 financial crisis, there has been a significant decline in traditional lending to support the growth of local small businesses. While this phenomenon has created challenges, it has also introduced significant opportunities. As traditional funding shrinks, a new crop of investors is rising. These individuals and organizations are intent on finding ways to support and invest in small businesses in their own communities. If you seek assistance in clarifying those needs, we encourage you to contact one of the many technical assistance organizations (see sidebar) in our region for help with business plans, financial statements, and other business development activities.

Community Capital: Seattle is intended to provide information and resources to entrepreneurs seeking capital from local sources. Funds may be needed for start-up or expansion, the amount desired might be four figures or far more, and may be in exchange for an ownership stake or not. The options are many in the arena of community capital – local investment clubs, investment crowdfunding, rewards and pre-sales, CDFIs, community banks, credit unions and co-op membership – to name just a few! We hope this site allows you to identify the best potential funding sources for your particular needs.

For investors interested in committing funds to support local small businesses, there are myriad opportunities and benefits! We want to support your interest in community capital, too. This site references many organizations that accept private investment capital, and other tools for identifying direct investment opportunities. We have also put together a resource list that we hope will support your journey to becoming a community investor.